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The Role of Managerial Accountants in Strategic Planning and Budgeting

The Role of Managerial Accountants in Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Research paper on The Role of  Managerial Accountants in Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Plan to submit 15+ pages of APA formatted text (plus a cover page and references page).  

The paper will include:

  • Cover page
  • An introduction section (identifying the general topic to be addressed, accounting problem statement based on the general topic, brief background on topic, purpose of research, and research question(s)). Introduction section should approximate three (3) pages;
  • A Literature Review (include Level 2 and Level 3 headings where appropriate). Literature Review section should approximate eight (8) to 10 pages;
  • An Analysis of the research (provide findings of your research questions). The Analysis section should approximate three (3) pages; and
  • A Conclusion (answer to your research questions, recommendations, and managerial implications). The Conclusion section should approximate three (3) pages;
  • References section (Minimum 8 peer-reviewed journal articles – All Current)
  • Please note that this course requires you to focus your research based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed journal articles.

Please use the below mentioned articles only. 

1) Benitti Lorenzett, D., da Silva Wegner, R., Pentiado Godoy, L., & Kreutz Rodrigues, M. (2020). Strategic     Planning: Perceptions about the Importance of This Management Tool. Brazilian Journal of Management / Revista de Administração Da UFSM, 13, 1353–1372.


Daniel Benitti Lorenzett, Roger da Silva Wegner, Leoni Pentiado Godoy, Marlene Kreutz Rodrigues

2) Bonomi Savignon, A., Costumato, L., & Marchese, B. (2019). Performance Budgeting in Context: An Analysis of Italian Central Administrations. Administrative Sciences (2076- 3387), 9(4), 79.


Andrea Bonomi Savignon, Lorenzo Costumato and Benedetta Marchese

3) Armitage, H. M., Lane, D., & Webb, A. (2020). Budget Development and Use in Small? and Medium?Sized Enterprises: A Field Investigation. Accounting Perspectives, 19(3), 205–240.


Howard M. Armitage, Dorian Lane, Alan Webb

4) Fujiyama, K., & Kuroki, M. (2020). Strategic Management Forecasts and Accounting Choices: A Case of Employee Downsizing in Japan. Journal of International Accounting Research, 19(3), 91–109.


Keishi Fujiyama, Makoto Kuroki

5) Abdel Al, S. F., & McLellan, J. D. (2013). Strategy and Management Accounting Practices Alignment and Its Effect on Organizational Performance. Journal of Accounting, Business & Management, 20(1), 1–27.


Sherine Farouk Abdel Al and John D. McLellan

6) Bischoff, I., & Blaeschke, F. (2016). Performance Budgeting: Incentives and Social Waste From Window Dressing. Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, 26(2), 344–358.


Ivo Bischoff; Frédéric Blaeschke

7) Kearney, C. (2019). Strategic Planning for Financing and Growing Biotechnology Companies: Strategic Planning for Financing and Growing Biotechnology Companies: Research and Regulation.

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology,24(4).


Claudine Kearney

8) Filippo, Z., Lusiani, M., & Bagnoli, C. (2020). The swinging role of visualization in strategic

planning.Journal of Management & Governance,

24(4), 1019-1054.


Filippo Zanin, Maria Lusiani, Carlo Bagnoli

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