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Discussion #3 finance

Discussion #3 finance

 Please respond to 2 peers

My Initial post   Companies can use the WACC to see if the investment projects available to them are worthwhile to undertake.

WACC weight average cost of capital is cost to provider of finance. If accept you recover cost of fund invested but if (IRR) internal rate of return or ROIC Return on invested capital is more than WACC that company earnings move the just cost of capital.

WACC is weighted cost of various means of finance involved in capital of a project or company or it is mathematically calculated at total cost of finance of project divided by total value of fund invested so in other words we can say it is average cost.

Further it is marginal cost. Because at least cost of capital is to be recover to make project financially viable. If cost of capital is not recover than this destroy value of company. In this case you have more financial cost expenses than income cause negative wealth.

Further tools that determine relationship between ROIC and WACC

Npv = if net present value is positive then ROIC is more than WACC and if NPV is negative than ROIC is less than WACC.

Peer 1  

Companies can utilize the wacc to determine whether the investment initiatives they have available are worthwhile. 

WACC stands for weighted average cost of capital, which is the expense to the lender. If the (IRR) internal rate of return or ROIC Return on Invested Capital is greater than the WACC, the company earnings will move the just cost of capital. 

WACC stands for weighted average cost of various methods of finance included in the capital of a project or firm. It is derived mathematically by dividing the overall cost of finance of the project by the total value of funds invested, or in other words, it is the average cost.

It’s also a marginal cost. Because the lowest cost of capital must be recovered in order for the project to be financially feasible. If the cost of capital is not recovered, the company’s value will be harmed. In this instance, you have more financial costs than income, resulting in a loss of wealth.

Peer 2  

Companies can use the WACC to see if the investment projects available to them are worthwhile to undertake.

WACC weighted average cost of capital is the average cost of costs of various sources of financing. 

The sources of finances are debt, equity, retained earnings, and preferred stock. Cost of capital helps to know how much does the total capital of the firms yield. Cost of equity refers to how much of the common stock the firm yields. Cost of equity is free from the tax rates. Cost of debt refers to the amount of debt the company will yield. Tax is levied on the cost of debt. 

If the ROIC is greater than the WACC, then value is being created as the firm invests in profitable projects. Conversely, if the ROIC is lower than the WACC, then value is being destroyed as the firm earns a return on its projects that is lower than the cost of funding the projects. 

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